U.S. Boomerang Team stops by Six Flags St. Louis

4:18 PM, Jun 7, 2013   |    comments
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By Heidi Glaus

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) - Logan Broadbent has a lot of baggage and even more boomerangs.

"The trouble is if you ever try to throw your old boomerang away it just keeps coming back," Broadbent joked.

So over the years he's collected thousands.

"Most people think of a two wing boomerang and that's the way Aborigines had originally invented the boomerang because it came from the root of a tree where it got it's natural curve," Broadbent explained.

These days many of them are made of carbon fiber.

"Most of us make our own boomerangs," he added.

Us being the United States Boomerang Team.

"Most people don't believe me," added James Stickney.

However, every two years they emerge to compete in the world championships. It's a competition with several events.

"There are some that test your speed, some that test trick catching where you throw two boomerangs at once. You catch them behind your back, under the legs, with your feet," Broadbent explained.

Other events test distance, loft time and accuracy. Of course regardless of how good you are the paycheck is the same.

"We do it for the passion," Broadbent said.

And maybe the exercise because contrary to what you might have thought. There's a lot of movement.
"We'll be running all over the place," Stickney added.

So it might not be the most common sport on the planet, but it does seem to be one that continues to hang around.



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