"Tomorrow" arrives for Blues, Armstrong

7:58 AM, Jun 29, 2013   |    comments
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(KSDK Sports) -- Last week, NHL.com quoted Blues General Manager Doug Armstrong regarding the team not having a first round pick. "We don't have a first round pick yet. But the draft's not tomorrow either."

Well, tomorrow has arrived. 

Here is what we know regarding The St. Louis Blues and the 2013 NHL Draft, which begins tomorrow at 2 p.m. EST. The Blues have six selections but no first round pick. The team's picks fall this way:

Round 2 - No. 47 (from Ottawa)
Round 3 - No. 83
Round 4 - No. 94 (from Tampa Bay)
Round 4 - No. 113
Round 6 - No. 173
Round 7 - No. 203

The reason the Blues are without a first round pick is because of the late season acquisitions of both Jay Bouwmeester and Jordan Leopold. In those deals the team traded away their first, a second and a fifth round pick. The Blues did acquire a second round pick (No. 47) from Ottawa for Ben Bishop, as well as a fourth round pick (No. 94) from Tampa Bay for B.J. Crombeen.

What we don't know is whether the team will make a move to acquire a first round pick or additional picks in the later rounds.

"We know we're not going to get into that top five or six, but anything after that is always a potential on draft day," Armstrong told NHL.com. "There's a lot of emphasis put on, don't worry about what we don't have, we could acquire something, and make sure we're prepared for it."

Armstrong said he sees the potential for this year's draft to be an active one on the trade front, and though he certainly would like to move up into the first round, he said it's not imperative. The depth of the draft makes him confident the Blues will find a quality player wherever they end up picking.

"We're not going to rob Peter to pay Paul," he said. "It would be nice to have that [first-round] pick, but we don't want to deplete an area of strength on our current roster to do that. It would have to be the right short- and long-term for us.

"It's a deep draft from what our scouting staff is telling us. ... There's going to be players climbing out of the second, third and fourth rounds that are going to play and be good players. Our job is to find one of them."


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