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Suspected drunk driver dances during sobriety test

8:10 AM, Aug 9, 2013   |    comments
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Jason Frazer, WBNS-TV

GAHANNA, Ohio (WBNS) - It's an arrest that surprised even police.

Authorities with the Gahanna Police Department, located in the Columbus, Ohio area, said Dale Bentley took off after they tried to pull him over; but it's what happened next that had them so surprised.

Gahanna police said they were trying to figure out if 39-year-old Bentley was drunk when he decided to do something they've never seen before: dance his way through the field sobriety test.

Bentley initially got the attention of police when he was driving 15 miles above the speed limit. When they tried to pull him over, Bentley allegedly kept going. When Bentley finally stopped he appeared confused.

As officers tried to confirm their suspicions of driver intoxication, Dale Bentley started dancing. Officers said it was no laughing matter and eventually arrested him.

When reporters went to Bentley's home to question him about the incident, he had little to say, admitting he didn't even remember dancing.

According to police, Bentley's blood alcohol content was three times the legal limit at the time of his arrest. He's facing several charges, including drunk driving, fleeing from officers and speeding.

On Thursday, Dale Bentley pleaded not guilty to operating a vehicle under the influence.


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