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St. Louis Community College rethinks police department

10:00 PM, Aug 19, 2013   |    comments
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St. Louis, MO (KSDK) - It's the first day back for students at St. Louis Community College and while they have been on break, school officials have not.

The April attack of student Blythe Grupe on the Meramec campus has been in the public eye since it happened.

Now an investigation just wrapped up showing that the campus police department did not handle the situation well. That report also suggested many recommendations for college officials to look at.


"I think in this situation we are talking about bad decisions made by managers," Board of Trustees Chair Craig Larson said.

After demoting three of those managers last week, the college is deciding what to do next. The report suggested disbanding the campus police department altogether, but Larson doesn't know if that's the route to take.

"Now I am not going to say that we wouldn't consider what the lawyers suggested is that maybe we should be in some sort of collaborative relationships," says Larson.

Collaborating with outside departments is an option, but that takes getting with several different municipalities for all the campuses.

So how many colleges have their own police departments?

Three in our area, University of Missouri both Columbia and St. Louis, Washington University and Southern Illinois University.
There are three colleges that have security officers including St. Louis University, Lindenwood, St. Charles Community College and Webster.

Another option, Larson says they have not ruled out hiring a new district police chief and new Meramec campus chief, as long as they find the right people.

"Person with the right qualifications to train police officers and know that they are trained, and to know the special requirements on a college campus," says Larson.

He says he hopes to have a decision about the future of their police force within the next couple of weeks and maybe if they choose to go that route a new police chief in the next few months.


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