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Starbucks collecting signatures for petition to send to Washington

10:03 PM, Oct 12, 2013   |    comments
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St. Louis, MO (KSDK)- The government has been closed or nearly two weeks now. One corporation is trying to do something new about it.

Starbucks is collecting signatures and they plan to send the petition to Washington.

Officials with Starbucks say the company started collecting signatures on Friday and already more than one million people nationwide signed the petition.

Keith Llorens of Grayslake, Illinois is in town visiting his daughter who's a freshman at St. Louis University. He says his trip wouldn't be complete without his coffee fix at the nearby Starbucks.

But Saturday's stop was a little different. This time Keith found out Starbucks is not only selling coffee, the company is also collecting signatures as part of a three day campaign called "Come Together."

Starbucks created a petition encouraging congress to pass a budget and get federal employees back to work. The company plans on sharing the petition with leaders in Washington.

"It's just nice to see a major corporation taking a stance. It's good to lead by example. I know they have a big voice in the community and the fact that they are doing something about it just speaks volumes and makes me proud to be a customer," said Keith.

Most Starbucks customers feel the same.

"I think their size in the country and their popularity is going to help raise awareness," said Karen Vick, a St. Louis University graduate student.

While there have been some signs for optimism, the government shutdown continues into day 12.

"It just seems like middle school, high school drama they should be past that," said Vick.

"My biggest thing is that I have my son David with me. He attends a high school and I'm a coach at the high school as well and to hear our kids say they can't access government websites for their education and yet we hear our government talk about how they want to improve education is a concern of mine," said Keith.

"We've been doing things on the American Revolution just trying to access databases and trying to see the events that happened and not being able to do that has put off our learning abilities and just delaying projects that we are trying to do," said 16-year-old David Llorens.

Keith and David hope Washington listens.

"Go get some coffee and let your voice be heard," said Keith.

If you would like to get involved, there are three ways of going about it. You can sign the petition in store, online at, or you can pick up a copy of "USA TODAY WEEKEND." In it, there is an ad. You can sign it, collect a few more signatures, and drop it off at any Starbucks.

All the signatures need to be submitted by closing time Sunday.


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