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World Series tickets at a premium

10:58 PM, Oct 19, 2013   |    comments
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St. Louis (KSDK)--If you're looking for tickets to the World Series, Stephen Gray with Sportix USA says there's good news.

"They're available. There's thousands of them."

Mainly from ticket brokers and online ticket agencies. And they aren't cheap.

"The other day people were gambling and buying standing room for $300 and up. Then it kind of ticked up last night. When I left the office this morning, standing room was about $383 and up. I saw tickets on the web as high as $16,000 for the green seats down behind home plate," Gray says.

"They're a little high right now for us. So right now our plan is just to stay at home and watch, and come up here once we win, which we will do," Carole Ladd says.

Ladd and her fiancé drove up from Memphis to watch the Cards close out the Dodgers.

"On Friday he noticed the tickets started going down for standing room only. So at the last minute, we just went ahead and grabbed a couple and threw our sweatshirts in the car and headed up to St. Louis."

And they're hoping to do it again for the World Series. We asked them and other fans how much they'd pay to get in.

"Between $200 and $500 dollars," says Caleb Evans.

"Me personally, at the most $150 a ticket, which I know is impossible," Ladd says. "They'll never drop to that much. I don't even think standing room only would be that cheap. But if they did, we'd have to think about it."

As you buy, especially if you're buying from scalpers, Stephen Gray says be careful because there are fake tickets floating around.

"Maybe have the guy walk up to the gate, make sure they get through, and then transfer the money as they're walking through the gate."

More good news from Stephen Gray is that ticket prices could depend on who the Cards play.

He says if they play Detroit, they'll likely cost less than if they play the Red Sox.









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