Hazmat teams contain leak at Dupo rail yard

11:49 PM, Mar 4, 2012   |    comments
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Dupo, IL (KSDK) --The St. Clair County hazmat team was called to a Dupo rail yard Sunday to clean up chemicals leaking from a Union Pacific rail car.

Crews thought they had stopped the leak on Saturday but it started up again overnight.

The car was leaking hydrogen fluoride, which can be dangerous if it's released in a cloud or comes in contact with the skin.

Dupo Mayor Ron Dell says there was no need to worry. But he is concerned about how long it took Union Pacific hazmat crews to notify Dupo police.

"There was about an hour and a half to two hour lapse before we found out about it," said mayor Dell. "We want to meet with the railroad to find out why we weren't notified originally."

The leak has been sealed. The chemicals were moved to another container.

No one was injured.













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