Toddler rescued from pond has died

1:22 PM, May 6, 2012   |    comments
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Madison County, IL (KSDK) - A two year-old boy who was rescued from a pond by his teenage neighbor has died.

The Madison County Sheriff's Department says Lukas Pinski, 2, died Saturday at the St. Louis hospital where he had been hospitalized since Wednesday.

The child was found floating in a residential pond by the teen. The teen then took swift action by diving in and saving the toddler.

This all unfolded late Wednesday afternoon, in Madison County, Illinois in the 3900 block of Cherokee Trail.

Investigators with the Madison County Sheriff's Office say it happened after twins wandered away from their home.

Just before three Wednesday afternoon, Edwardsville High School sophomore, Stephen Kern made a startling discovery in this front yard, while preparing to fix a snack.

"The cabinet where I got the bowl out is right facing the window and as I got the bowl out I saw a little 2-year-old boy walk by and I was wondering why? Why was this little naked boy in my front yard," said Stephen.

He says on his way out to investigate, the grandmother of the child, also a neighbor, came knocking on his door begging for help.

The woman said her twin two-year-old grandsons wandered away from home.

The grandmother found one child in Stephen's front yard, but and the second was still missing.

"She said someone told her that they were down playing by the lake so I went down there and looked around," said Stephen.

That's when Stephen says he saw the missing toddler floating in his family's backyard pond, face-up, just barely under the water's surface. Stephen says the child was about 10 feet from the water's edge.

The teen's adrenaline kicked into high gear and he jumped into the water.

"When I grabbed him he was cold because he was obviously in the pond, but he was cold and there was like a blue tint to his skin like he was under there for a while so I just picked him up and tried to get him out of the water," said Stephen.

The child's grandmother called 911 and dispatchers walked her through CPR.

"When the deputy arrived, the deputy immediately started CPR on the child until paramedics arrived. At that point, the baby was transported to Anderson Hospital and eventually flown over to a St. Louis area hospital," said Major Brad Wells with the Madison County Sheriff's Office.

Stephen says this is a day he'll never forget, and he was glad he was in a position to be able to help.

"I went to church and was praying for him," said Stephen.

Stephen turns 16 on Friday.

Investigators with the Madison County Sheriff's Office say they are still working determine how long the twins were actually missing. Deputies say the mother of the twins was also home at the time.

The first twin found wandering, was checked out at the hospital just as a precaution.


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