Washington Park payroll discussion turns nasty

10:35 PM, Jul 30, 2012   |    comments
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Washington Park Board of Trustees

By Mike Rush

Washington Park, IL (KSDK) - Police officers, firefighters and other employees of Washington Park will finally be paid. The paychecks were due Friday.

NewsChannel 5 is holding officials accountable to find out what was behind the delay. The board of trustees held a special meeting Monday night to approve the payroll, but it failed on the first vote. It finally passed, but only after an often out-of-control public meeting.

Bickering on display among the mayor and trustees at the meeting may be the best explanation as to why nearly 50 township employees were left empty-handed Friday. At this public meeting, decorum lost out to yelling, name-calling and accusations. So bad, in fact, that one employee sitting in the audience called for order.

The first vote to approve payroll lost 3 to 2, with some members complaining about lack of paperwork. The measure finally passed. And Five on Your Side's Mike Rush had some questions for the officials after the meeting that one trustee admitted was embarrassing.

Rush: Is this body qualified to run this village?

Mayor James Jones: It's ironic. I think everyone you see up there has some type of college degree. You know, but we come here and we act like this. Let me tell you something, we fight. It's not because we have differences. It's because some people let other people encourage them to come in here and do this.

Rush: You guys were kind of arguing like a bunch of kids up there, what's going on?

Darron Suggs, Washington Park Trustee: We argue because sometimes the trustee doesn't get all the information that is required.

The mayor says the checks should be available Tuesday. We'll be sure to check to make sure it happens.


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