Timothy Thompson talks about abduction incident

5:21 PM, Oct 4, 2012   |    comments
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By Eugene Daniel

Stark County, IL (WMBD/CNN) - A mother is in jail after abandoning her baby by the side of a rural road.

"She's my miracle girl, and I'm just overwhelmed that she's here," said Timothy Thompson, father of infant Mia.

Thompson has never been more thankful to be a father. Last week his life changed after his 3-week-old daughter went missing and her mother told police she had been abducted.

"It was just overwhelming. And I just broke down," said Thompson.

He says it was the worst moment in his life.

Hours later Mia was found alive in a ditch, and he watched Mia's mom, Kendra Meaker, be arrested and charged for child endangerment and for lying to police.

"At first, I was angry at her. It's just I've learned to get past that because life's too short," said Thompson.

To him, Meaker never showed any signs that would lead to this behavior. He called her a "good and loving mother."

"No, she never mentioned anything. She didn't mention anything of having any problems. She always said that she was happy and happy that her family was there for her," said Thompson.

However, there was a moment he thought she was responsible.

Meaker's calm demeanor shocked him, and he wondered why she was questioned for so long.

"It took longer than it should of, that's when it started hitting me that she could have possibly did it," he said.

[Reporter]: "Did you have anything to do with this?

"No I was actually at work," said Thompson.

Now, he says he's trying to move on. He's focused on Mia and her sister. Both are staying with him.

Outside of a little sunburn, Thompson says Mia is fine. She still has trouble falling asleep and cries in the middle of the night, but it's a sound this father says he's more than happy to hear.

"I love to hear that she cries. It's actually kind of music to my ears that she's actually there, and she's not gone," said Thompson.

Thompson says he would let Meaker see their kids again, if the courts allow it.


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