Cahokia voter fraud plea deal

6:43 PM, Oct 1, 2010   |    comments
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Cahokia, IL (KSDK) -- Two of the four men indicted in an alleged voter fraud scandal have agreed to plead guilty and help authorities in exchange for a reduction in charges, the St. Clair County Prosecuting Attorney's Office said Friday.

Prosecutor Bob Haida said Kevin Wiggins and William Brown pled guilty to voter fraud and will testify against Cahokia Village Trustees Kyle Johnson and Trevon Tompkin.

Wiggins pleaded guilty to 43 counts of voter fraud, but 39 of those counts were dismissed. Brown, 27, who worked in the Cahokia Streets Department, originally received 22 counts of voter fraud but 19 of them were dismissed. Wiggins, 44, is married to the village clerk.

The charges originally levied against all four men included perjury, improperly marking ballots, and mutilation of election materials.

At one time authorities said this was the biggest voter fraud investigation in county history and involved the number of absentee ballots, many of which favored Johnson and Tompkin.


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