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What is Bullying?

  • Hurting another person on purpose, either physically or emotionally. Bullying usually happens repeatedly over time, and the bully has some power over the victim.
  • Name calling, shoving, pushing, teasing, leaving people out, sending hurtful messages, or damaging another's belongings.
  • It is done on purpose and intended to hurt. The bully laughs at the person being bullied, not with the person. It involves humiliating or hurting the person to make them fearful of the bully.
  • Facts about bullying:
  • 1/10 of students drop out of school due to repeated bullying
  • 42% of children are bullied on the internet
  • 53% of children admit to having bullied another child at least once
  • 90% of school violence begins with a verbal conflict that escalates
  • 'Schoolyard bullies' are more likely to go to jail as grown-ups
  • Kids who are bullied have an increase risk for depression and suicide
  • Take action:
  • Report bullying to a trusted adult
  • Be nice to the victim
  • Be assertive, stand up for yourself
  • Ignore the bully
  • Walk away or avoid the bully
  • Tell the bully to stop
  • Say something unexpected ex. "Thank you" or "God Bless"
  • Participate in group activities
  • (Information from KUTO)
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