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Man Catches Pacu Fish In Mississippi

2:20 PM, Jul 28, 2006   |    comments
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(KSDK) - A local fisherman was hoping to snag a catfish from the Mississippi River. He got a lot more than he bargained for. “Taking the hook out of its mouth, there were teeth everywhere and we were like, ‘Don’t stick your finger in there,’” said fisherman Curt Walcott. He hooked the fish on Thursday in the river below lock and dam 25 near Winfield. The fish has plenty of sharp teeth and resembles a piranha. Walcott called the Missouri Department of Conversation. They say the fish is possibly a pacu, a species that looks like a piranha but is a vegetarian. Neither fish is native to Missouri so conservationists said the fish was probably dumped in the river.


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