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Changes Coming To Riverview Gardens School District

10:21 AM, Sep 28, 2006   |    comments
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By Jeff Small (KSDK) - Changes are on the way in the Riverview Gardens School District after progress reports were sent to students who were never enrolled in classes. Eight-thousand students are part of the district where this situation recently came to light. Officials said the embarrassing mistake involves a handful of students who transferred out the district. "No it doesn't look good on the district or the teachers in the classroom that she attended but I believe as a district this is helpful to us because we like to know where we made mistakes,” said district spokesperson Bridgette Willis. In this case, the errors happened at least five times when students got progress reports after they had left the Riverview Gardens school district. School officials believe several things contributed to the problem: an out of date computer system, possible mistakes by several new employees, and bad record keeping. All are issues currently being addressed. "We have to take into consideration human error and computer error but that still does not excuse the mistake that was made per the student because we consider our students our number one priority,” said Willis. A massive overhaul of the districts computer system is already underway. The changes will help prevent problems like this. A call placed by NewsChannel 5 to district headquarters got the superintendent’s office involved beginning on Wednesday. A spokesperson said they are now doing everything needed to make sure the glitch does not happen again.


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