Humane Society Tries To Save Horses Meant For Slaughter

9:33 PM, Sep 28, 2006   |    comments
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By Rebecca Wu KSDK - The Humane Society of Missouri is trying to gain custody of the horses that survived Wednesday's early morning crash near St. Clair. Twenty-six of the 42 horses survived. 16 of the other animals either died or had to be euthanized at the scene. The horses were on their way to being slaughtered near Chicago. The surviving horses are being treated at 4 area animal hospitals including Fox Creek Veterinary hospital in Wildwood. Rescuers there named one of the horses "Willy" because of his will to live. Equine Care Manager Molly Frey said, "He was found under two deceased horses and one alive one standing on top of him." Since the accident, a number of people have been calling about the horses, asking how to adopt them, how to donate money and how to ban the slaughtering of these animals. Humane Society of Missouri's Debbie Hill said, "90,000 plus horses are slaughtered in the country every year, which most people do not have a clue about." Hill said they are still trying to figure out who owns the horses in hopes gaining custody of the animals. She did not know if the horses were going to be slaughtered for human consumption outside of this country. Hill said, "It's a terrible problem in our country. The answer to that is adoption and support rescue groups such as Longmeadows Rescue Ranch and Humane society." On the outside, the horses look like they're doing better, but there's still the fear of internal injuries, especially for a horse now named "Mama" by the rescuers at Fox Creek Veterinary Hospital. Head tech Crytal Richardson said, "When we were pulling horses out of trailer, it was scary enough to see the fear in their eyes, but to see she was pregnant, it was traumatizing." To learn more about donating to help the horses, click here. To learn more about a bill recently passed by the U.S. House of Representatives that would ban horse slaughter in the U.S., click here.


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