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Woman Pulls Shotgun On Father, Daughter Selling Girl Scout Cookies

2:02 PM, Jan 26, 2007   |    comments
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By Cordell Whitlock (KSDK) - Terry Tedder looked forward to helping his 8-year-old daughter sell Girl Scout cookies in the 4800 block of Hamburg Avenue Tuesday night. He'll never forget their second stop. "I knocked on the door and the guy started yelling and using some profanities and get off the porch and I said, ‘Hey I got my daughter with me.’ “I said, ‘We're just selling Girl Scout cookies,’" said Teddler. Tedder said he started walking away when the door opened revealing an unwelcome surprise. "It was his mother and she was pointing a double-barreled shotgun at me and she's like, ‘I'm going to shoot you so I took off running,’” said Teddler. Tedder ran down the street toward his daughter who was ahead of him. "When she saw me running she could see the fear in my face. She just started crying and was really upset," said Tedder. Tedder called police, who referred the matter to prosecutors but no charges were filed against the woman holding the shotgun. "I don't believe age matters when you pull a gun and chase somebody with it," said Tedder. Laurna Godwin, head of the Girl Scout Council of Greater St. Louis, says Terry's daughter followed proper procedure by selling cookies with a parent. "It's a sign of the times and that's why girls go through training every year, whether it’s their sixth time selling or their first year,” said Godwin. Tedder said his daughter is a bit young to deal with what happened. "I got her thinking now it was a broomstick because she asked later on, ‘Daddy could we have gotten shot?’ “She hasn't wanted to go up the street to sell Girl Scout cookies anymore," said Tedder. Tedder said prosecutors told him they declined to press charges because the 78-year-old woman has prior health concerns. The woman told police she believed Tedder was an intruder she was having problems with.


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