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Auction In Vegas With Thousands Of Items Taken From Michael Jackson, Family

6:09 PM, May 31, 2007   |    comments
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One of the most significant auctions in music history is underway inside the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas. Some 4,000 items that once belonged to Michael Jackson and his family are now on the block. Fans hoping to scoop up anything Jackson ever wore, wrote, or even touched have come to bid. The Jackson collection is being sold by Universal Express. The company bought the items from a man who won a civil lawsuit against the head of the family, Joe Jackson. The memorabilia was used as collateral. Company chairman Richard Altomare says he understands the hard feelings now associated with the auction. "I honestly believe I've become the surrogate father they're angry at." While many of the items deal with the business side of being a Jackson, there are some things that are intensely personal, like a handmade Mother's Day card Janet drew for her mom, saved all these years to be sold off now to a stranger. Over the past few weeks the Jacksons did try, unsuccessfully, to block the sale. Now it's up to the bidders what each piece is worth. An M.T.V. Music Award sold for $16,000. Buyers can show up in person or bid online. The collection is insured for $100 million, but could bring in much more.


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