Utah Residents Create Creative Mailboxes To Help Carriers Deliver Mail

12:49 PM, Feb 11, 2008   |    comments
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We take it for granted these days that when we go out to the mailbox, the cards, letters, catalogs and bills will be there. That's not the case right now in Ogden, Utah. Thousands and thousands of mailboxes there are buried in snow, but the letter carriers are still delivering. 27-year veteran letter carrier Peggy Clark just about disappears as she delivers to roadside mailboxes. She says it's the worst she's seen in the winter. Peggy has worked the same route for the last six years. Because of the recent snowstorms, Peggy and more than 100 of her colleagues can't just drive up to the boxes as they normally do. They have to get out every time. "I have almost 600 stops on my route, and in and out of this truck that many times a day, by the end of the day you're pretty beat up," she said. Because the snow is piled so high in some neighborhoods, many of the boxes are inaccessible. Residents have gotten creative and put up make-shift mailboxes. Plastic storage containers and coolers are popular. Brock Ricketts told us about a different approach. "Well, I was walking down the street and I noticed that everyone else had something out there, milk jugs and stuff, so I looked in my garage and found an old porta-potty," he explained. The porta-potty is now his mailbox. And yes, all these are legal. "They're a temporary fix, but it's one where we're just trying to get the mail delivered,” said Ogden Postmaster Bob Johnson. “Our goal is to deliver every piece every day.” Johnson asks residents to label these containers with the address and the words "U.S. Mail." Normally, letter carriers are done with their routes about 4:30 or 5 each night. Lately, they've been going until 8 or so. In cases, where it's simply impossible to deliver the mail, customers will be notified so they can pick it up at the post office.


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