Down On The Farm, Only This Is An Alligator Farm

10:42 AM, Feb 20, 2008   |    comments
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By Heidi Glaus It is mile after mile of gorgeous green palm trees and bright, beautiful blooms but if you go far enough the road eventually ends. If you're on the right road it ends at a type of farm you won't find in the bi-state area. "We've got about 2,000 alligators here on the farm," explains Jeremy Possman, a man who could have just as easily raised puppies but then that wouldn’t be nearly as exciting. Plus, doing something different was just sort of his destiny. "I actually started off trying to train cockroaches," Possman says. Feeding alligators, however, is not only dangerous, but pretty darn disgusting. "We do try to throw the food to the side of the head that's because they can only see to the side they can't see directly in front of them," Possman goes on to say. As you can imagine, there’s a lot to know about alligators. "They search for food underneath the water because the throat of the alligator is sealed shut so that allows them to drag animals under water, drown them and not drown themselves," Possman continues. With that said, Jeremy carefully walks through the alligators with his bucket of rats to feed them and as exciting as it is to watch we were hard pressed to find anyone who would want to switch places with him. It makes sense, after all if you climb into a pond packed with alligators enough times you’re going to pay. "I've been bit six times by big alligators. I've actually had the whole inside of this hand ripped open had that all stitched back together," Possman points out. But look on the bright side... Jeremy still has all his fingers and toes and gets to amaze audiences day after day. The Everglades Alligator Farm is south Florida's oldest alligator farm. It's in Florida City, FL, about two hours south of Jupiter. It's $19 for adults, but that includes several shows and an airboat ride.

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