Grafton Hillside Stable Through First Round of Rain

5:37 PM, Apr 3, 2008   |    comments
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(KSDK) -- The rain on Thursday morning did not cause any additional problems for a Grafton homeowner who's home is in the path of a muddy hillside which has been inching closer to her home. Joanne Groves said a "little bit of mud" may have slipped, but so far, the rest of the hillside is holding.

  • PHOTO GALLERY: City on Edge With Possible Mudslides Groves said the hillside is owned by Marilyn Wright, who is a developer of Tara Point Estates, which is at the top of the hill. She said Wright has been out of town, but that Wright's daughters have offered to let her stay at the inn. Groves has not accepted the offer yet. Crews knocked down some trees to prevent them from hitting the power lines in case more of the hillside gives way. A portion of the hillside came down on Tuesday, pushing mud up against the back of Groves' home. The Illinois Department of Transportation closed Highway 100, also known as the Great River Road, near the slide in Grafton. They have a detour set up so drivers can get around it.


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