Acrobat Hurt At Six Flags

5:02 PM, Jun 21, 2005   |    comments
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By Randy Jackson A 17-year-old acrobat is recovering after a fall at Six Flags St. Louis Monday. Six Flags officials say it happened during Monday's 1 p.m. show at the park's Palace Theater. 17-year-old Wong Shawmin was twirling and spinning out over the audience when she fell ten feet to the stage in front of a surprised crowd. Her fellow members of the "Cirque Magnifico" troupe went on with the show, but Shawmin was taken to the hospital. "Yeah, she's fine, very fortunate," says Six Flags St. Louis Spokeswoman Elizabeth Gotway. The park was concerned about children in the audience who might have witnessed the accident. They made sure to tell people leaving the show that Shawmin was not seriously injured. Through an interpreter, a fellow troupe member of Shawmin told NewsChannel 5 the situation was under control. "As a family, we take care of one another. They handled it very well yesterday," said the young acrobat. There are risks in circus life, especially when you’re a young performer. At the City Museum, 13 year old Elliana Hentoff-Killian performs without a net. She ays it can be dangerous. “To some extremes it is, but most of the time it isn't, you have safeties and there's always a spotter," she says. Elliana's spotter is her mother ringmaster, Jessica Hentoff. "There are three things that can happen in circus, you make a mistake, your partner makes a mistake, or the rigging, there's a mistake in the rigging," says Jessica Hentoff. Officials with Mirage Productions who were responsible for the rigging in Monday's Six Flags performance say it was a faulty set up that was responsible for the young performer’s fall. Shawmin was released from the hospital Tuesday, is recovering from bumps and bruises, and is expected back on the trapeze sometime next week.


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