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'Wedding Crashers' Purple Heart Gimmick Prompts Action On Capitol Hill

9:20 AM, Jul 27, 2005   |    comments
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WASHINGTON, DC- Is it a funny movie or a dishonor to our nation's veterans?? The debate is on the main characters in the movie "Wedding Crashers" and their unusual prop to pick up women. W*USA'S Nancy Yamada reports this controversy could inspire action on Capitol Hill. Nancy Yamada's Report For many people, the movie Wedding Crashers is an extremely funny flick. And with reviews like that, is it any wonder that the movie is one of this summer's biggest blockbuster hits? It's managed to hit more than a few funny bones but with lines about Purple Hearts and how to use them for free drinks, the movie has hit a few nerves too. In the film, the two bachelors crash weddings and don fake Purple Hearts in an attempt to get free drinks and woo bridesmaids. And until recently, the film's website allowed people to print their own Purple Heart to guarantee you attention, admiration and plenty of free booze. Although movie goers outside this Wisconsin Avenue theater weren't offended by the Purple Heart scene, Veteran groups are more than upset. They're now rallying behind a Colorado Congressman who has introduced a bill to expand federal law to prosecute anyone who falsely claims to have earned any kind of military medal. "These are real honors that are bestowed upon people for heroic acts and we need to make sure that we continue to preserve that heroism and the meaning of that medal", says Representative John Salazar, a Democrat from Colorado. Answering the criticism, a spokesman for New Line Cinema, the producer of the movie, released a statement which reads in part "we understand the sensitivity regarding the medals and did not intend to make light of their significance in any way." But here at the Vietnam Wall, some Veterans like Larry Carullo voiced their views. "I think it's wrong. It's desecrating some of the most sacred things in the United States", says Carullo. Some veterans say you won't find them crashing the theater any time soon. Click on the video box to the right to see Nancy Yamada's report.

Written by Nancy Yamada /wusa

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