Lesterville Community Prays For Recovery Of Victims Of Reservoir Breach

10:13 AM, Dec 15, 2005   |    comments
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  • Click here for full coverage on the breach. By Cordell Whitlock KSDK-Members of First Baptist Church in Lesterville worshipped with heavy hearts Wednesday night, twelve hours after more than a billion gallons of water came rushing through a breached reservoir. Everyone in the congregation is worried about the Toops family, who have attended the church for the past 5 years. "I really didn't think I'd see them alive again," said church member Doug Fitzgerald. Early Wednesday morning, Jerry Toops, his wife Lisa, and their children Tara, Tanner and Tucker were swept away by floodwaters that hit their home at Johnson Shut-Ins State Park, where Jerry Toops is the park superintendent. All five members of the Toops family were injured, and taken to the hospital. "Father, we are just so thankful for the miracle You performed for the Toop family. And Father, we pray that you continue to watch over and to guide them," was among the prayer being said for the Toop family. Between prayers, church members fondly recalled the Toop children, who often participated in church activities. "When the pastor has hit little children's sermon, they get up and answer. They seem to know a lot for such young children," said church member Doug Fitzgerald. Toward the end of Wednesday night's church service, the congregation got some very good news. A phone call told them the injured children's condition had been upgraded.

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