Nine People Fired At KTRS, New Hosts To Be Brought In

8:58 AM, Dec 17, 2005   |    comments
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By Mike Owens KSDK - KTRS Radio, the new home of the St. Louis Cardinals broadcasts, is moving in a new direction, and eight on air hosts have been fired. The changes take effect January 9, according to KTRS president Tim Dorsey. He says he met with all ten who are to be fired, which includes a long time producer. Those fired are the morning team of Bill Wilkerson and Wendy Weise, sports reporters Jim Holder and Randy Karraker, hosts Scott St. James, Meme Wolff, McGraw Millhaven, and Kevin Horrigan. Longtime producer Jeannette Grider was also fired today. Reporter Mike Owens talked to three of those fired, and none would talk on or off the record about what happened. Dorsey says the station will move in a new direction as of January 9th with an edgier format, but still talk and information, but more entertainment. Among the new hires is Keith Kramer from Dallas. He lost his last radio job for making up a hoax that singer Britney Spears died in a car wreck. The only full time weekday host to keep his KTRS job is John Craddock, better known as Frank O. Pinion, the host of the large morning show in the afternooon. He tells us that he thinks the change will be good for the station, and the station's ratings are proof that the current line up wasn't working. Both Dorsey and Craddock say the station tried to be too much like rival KMOX Radio, and most of those fired today were once on the air at KMOX. Now, Dorsey says, KTRS will be the non-KMOX.


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