CBC Parents Voice Overwhelming Support For Student Drug Testing

9:47 AM, Jan 27, 2006   |    comments
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Parents of CBC High School students are overwhelmingly in support for a plan to test their children for drug use. Thursday night, there was a packed, closed door meeting between school officials and parents and freshman and sophomore students. Most parents say they had questions initially, but left very pleased with what they heard. Parents say the meeting addressed most issues they wanted more information about, before supporting the mandatory drug testing plan. If passed, it would begin as early as next year. School officials say the program is not being considered as a means to address an existing problem. Instead it is considered a means to preventing one. Some parents say they support the plan overall, but say they would have liked to ask questions during the meeting. Instead they heard a presentation and were told to fill out a survey on the internet. No word when a decision will be made on whether to implement the plan.

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