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  • Wendy Erikson Jeanie Moses knows how to make the most out of her merchandise! Creativity convinced Jeanie and her sister- in- law Cathy to open up a shop full of old treasures they’ve given new life. They call their vintage furniture and gift shop, “Gaga's”. It’s a grandmother's nickname and description of how customers go “gaga” over what they can do with an old furniture and home accessories! Some people are surprised to hear the main source of all this fun stuff. The owners like to pick up things from flea markets, garage sales or even the dumpster! The bottom line, they make it all look brand new thanks to paint and tender-loving-care. They also carry new merchandise like great-smelling candles and baby gifts. With eight children, four grandchildren and two full-time jobs between them, opening up “Gaga's.. really keeps Jeanie and Cathy on the go go! Luckily friends are happy to do their “dumpster diving” for them! The bottom line, now their homes are clear of clutter and the rest of us have a shop full of fun, affordable things to fill our own homes! The place to go is “Gaga's” in Ferguson. “Gaga's” is located at 258 South Florissant Rd. It's open Thursday through Sunday. If you'd like more information the phone number is 314-522-0035.

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