Lulu's Local Eatery is a food truck and garden on wheels

9:46 PM, Apr 12, 2012   |    comments
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  • By Kasey Joyce

    St. Louis (KSDK) - You may have heard of urban or rooftop gardens, but what about a garden on wheels?

    Lauren Loomis, or Lulu, and Robbie Tucker own a food truck that is one-of-a-kind and want to bring their tasty, locally sourced and organic food to St. Louis.

    How do you get more local than growing your own food right on the truck?

    Lulu's Local Eatery is a labor of love.

    "This is where I sit on this little tiny seat," said Lulu.

    She uses recipes that she has collected over the years.

    She has a passion for local, organically sourced food, and she's bringing that passion to St. Louis.

    What sets her apart isn't just in the cooking, but in what's on top.

    "How much more local can you get if you put the garden on top of the truck," said Lulu.

    That's right. There's a garden on top of her truck. It's the first of its kind anywhere.

    "We got parsley, oregano, mint and some vines," said Lulu. She also has strawberries and other herbs.

    The idea came from Marco Castro, who came up with an idea to put a garden on a New York City bus.

    "When they contacted me, I was like, oh this is amazing," said Castro.

    It was a match made in gardening heaven.

    Together, they worked together to create Lulu's garden, and they did it with the help and money of the local community.

    "We were fortunate enough to raise almost $3,000 on Kickstarter," said Lulu.

    And if all goes as planned, within a week, Lulu's food truck will be ready to roll, with a garden on top.

    "I can't wait to get started and start serving our food to people and see their reaction when they see the garden," she said.

    And Lulu's hoping when they do, the seeds of living locally will start to spread, and grow.

    "If we can grow a garden on the roof of our truck, think of the possibilities," she said.

    Lulu's already thinking about expanding her garden, going to biodiesel and installing solar panels atop the truck.

    If you want to find out more about Lulu's Local Eatery, visit their website.


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