Cat with legs on backwards gets surgery to walk

8:01 PM, Apr 26, 2012   |    comments
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By Jeanne Moos

(CNN) - A cat found on the street is getting the chance to turn his life around, thanks to a surgery that's turned his legs around.

We've seen dogs missing legs, and dogs with an extra leg, but a cat with his hind legs on backwards?

Corky was 7-months-old when he was found dragging himself down a sidewalk. He ended up at the pound where he would have been put to sleep if the women from the Cat's Cradle Shelter in Fargo, North Dakota hadn't taken him in.

"I could just constantly hear his bones cracking against the tile floor. It was horrible," said Gail Adams-Ventzke with the shelter.

Corky was born with a defect that caused his legs to be backwards as well as criss-crossed.

And if you're wondering why they named the cat Corky, here's a hint: his twisted legs reminded them of a corkscrew.

He had a human-like way of sitting, sort of like that frog on a bench that went viral this week, with captions added such as "I was just thinking about life and how one day we all croak."

But Corky isn't croaking. Earlier this month he got surgery to correct his legs, and how he's learning to walk using them.

Dr. Dan Burchill customized a surgery he had previously only done on dogs. In the before and after x-rays you can see the doctor basically turned the leg bones, then added steel plates, with his legs no longer criss-crossed underneath him.

Corky has his own Facebook page, and he's even gotten a get well video from another dog.

The shelter has raised over $14,000 in donations that should more than cover Corky's surgeries.

On Thursday, due to complications, they had to amputate the bottom quarter of his left leg, but he should still be able to walk on it.


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