Ugly Meter Pro measures your ugliness

8:42 AM, May 3, 2012   |    comments
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Gilbert, AZ (KTVK) -- Just how ugly are you? There's an app to tell you just that. 

"So it goes through and verifies all the points on the face it says here's the mouth line..." said Jo Overline, an app creator.

A complicated set of factors gives your face a good going over.  In the end, your phone tells you exactly how ugly you are.

Overline received a 32 OUT OF 100 because his eyes are too narrow and his nose is too wide.

"How you do your hair and you have a beard or not, those things don't matter, this is facial structure so unfortunately a 32 like me, there's nothing you can do about it, you are what you are, so," said Overline.

He said the Ugly Meter Pro is selling like crazy worldwide.

"Last month we were number one in China for about three weeks. We were the number one app overall. It doesn't matter. Everybody is interested in vanity and they like to know where they rank," said Overline.

While the facial feature measuring is meant to be fun, not everyone is laughing.


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