Flirting with workplace romance

8:44 AM, May 22, 2012   |    comments
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St. Louis (KSDK)-- It's a common workplace phenomenon, "office romances", yet experts say it's best to avoid romantic entanglements.

For the younger generation, it doesn't appear to be a concern as 84 percent of staff ages 18-29, said they would date a co-worker, 71 percent said workplace romances can boost morale and 40 percent said they would have no problem dating a supervisor. Now, compare that with employees ages 46 to 65, 90% of whom think dating a colleague is a bad idea.

The reality is, banning all office relationships won't fly. Dating between employees will always occur in the workforce, and you'd have better luck moving mountains than trying to prevent it. Your best bet, formulate a solid relationship policy.

For the mostpart, It's not the "dating" that causes problems, it's what happens after, the break up. If you've recently ended an office romance or are thinking about ending one there are some suggestions on how to handle the happenings.

Gain some perspective.
Don't have "meltdowns" at work.
Move on.
Make a conscious effort to revise how you think about your ex.
Be mature.
Put aside their differences and communicate on a professional level.
Focus on Work.
Feelings can affect your work because they get in the way of being productive so focus on the task at hand.
Adhere to company policies.

Most workplaces have guidelines on personal relationships so you need to abide by them.  Some major companies have already tackled the issue and stated they are taking it to a no tolerance level, while other big name businesses such as Southwest Airlines and AT&T have publicly noted they are in favor of office dating.


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