Tips to make sure affordable designer merchandise is real

10:24 PM, Jun 22, 2012   |    comments
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St. Louis (KSDK) - Everyone buying designer merchandise wants to get a good deal, and buying second-hand is a great way to get designer stuff at an affordable price. But sometimes it's difficult to determine whether the handbag you're buying is real or counterfeit.

Sue McCarthy owns the "Women's Closet Exchange." She says she does not tolerate counterfeit merchandise in her designer resale shop. In fact when someone tries to sell her a designer good, she has three experts verify its authenticity. McCarthy has owned the store for 25 years and says she has developed a keen sense of what's real, which is something that comes in handy especially because knock-offs are everywhere, easy to get ahold of, and in high demand.

McCarthy says she has a few tips so you can tell if the handbag you're buying is real or counterfeit.

For Louis Vuitton bags, she says to check the stitching. If it looks sloppy, it's counterfeit. You should also look at the color near the stitching. If it bleeds, it's fake. You should also check the inside of the bad to check the material. Real Louis Vuittons do not bend easily.

For all other handbags, make sure the material is sturdy, is real leather, and there is a good label inside.

Always ask the person you're buying the bag from where they got it, and if there is a serial number card.


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