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Products help parents monitor their teens technology use

10:39 AM, Jul 9, 2012   |    comments
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(NBCNC) -- Being a teenager can be tough.

"We all understand teen peer pressure, it's been going on since the beginning of time," notes McAfee's Robert Siciliano.

In today's world they're experiencing that pressure online and that pressure is leading many teens to engage in risky behavior online according to a new study conducted by the internet security company.

It seems most parents aren't plugged in at all.

According to the study three out of four teens did not tell their parents when they felt uncomfortable, pressured or threatened online.

Experts say it's up to mom and dad to start the conversation.

"It's important that parents open up, talk to their kids. They understand technology they walk through the internet and all the different risks with them," Siciliano says.

He suggests they monitor their devices as well.

"Parents need to monitor every aspect of their child's digital device whether that's a mobile phone or a laptop or a mac knowing what they're doing and who they are doing it with," he advises.

Still, tech-savvy teens can use tricks to bypass that monitoring.

According to the study, clearing the browser history is the number one way teens hide their online activity.

Teens may also create a duplicate e-mail address or social media account, so the one you've been checking might not be the one they're really using.

Apps like PicsChecker or software like McAfee's Safe Eyes can help.

"It gives the parents a greater degree of control, so parents can understand their child's online life," Siciliano says.

And keep it as safe as possible.


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