Heather Jackson reunited with dog four years after dognapping

9:25 PM, Oct 9, 2012   |    comments
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Chatsworth, GA (WTVC/CNN) - For more than four years, a Georgia woman mourned the loss of her beloved dog, believing the Siberian Husky had been killed by a neighbor.

So imagine her surprise when she got a phone call from an animal shelter in Illinois, saying they had her dog!

Heather Jackson got "Shakira" in 2007, and the two became fast friends and constant companions.

Jackson says she was heartbroken when a year later she came home and found the dog gone from the fenced area outside the house.

She says she put up posters and called local shelters for months, trying to find Shakira, with no luck.

Eventually, she gave up, assuming a neighbor had mistaken the dog for a wolf and shot it.

Until the phone rang.

"As soon as I saw her, I immediately started crying. It was really really emotional," said Jackson.

It turns out, someone claiming to be Shakira's owner had surrendered her to an animal shelter in July.

She was later taken to a shelter for Siberian Huskies. Workers there scanned the dog for a microchip that led them to Jackson.


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