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Family frantic over missing pet kangaroo

10:28 PM, Nov 27, 2012   |    comments
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By Lance West

Shawnee, OK (KFOR/CNN) - An Oklahoma family is frantic over the disappearance of their pet.

It isn't the typical furry family member, it's a kangaroo!

Somewhere out there, shielded by the thick, wind-whipped brush, is Shayla Menhusen's missing pet.

"It's like trying to find a small toddler. Total needle in a haystack. So we are just walking around, hoping we can spook her up, hoping we can just find her jump her up or hear her," said Menhusen.

This is not your ordinary cat or dog.

"Our daughter has been asking for a dog for quite some time. We finally gave in and bought her a kangaroo," said Menhusen.

Eleven-month-old Lucy Sparkles disappeared Thanksgiving day amid the frenzy of holiday guests.

The family is desperate to retrieve their runaway 'roo. They're doing everything from launching a Facebook page to passing out fliers. They've even bounced a few ideas off an animal psychic.

So far, the only credible sighting came Saturday evening. Two men are confident they spotted Lucy Sparkles near Hiwassee and I-240, about 20 miles west of Shawnee.

"I know we have coyotes, I know we have big cats out here. I'm guessing that she's been chanced and that's probably why she's running so far," said Menhusen.

Lucy is capable of surviving Oklahoma's fickle weather, but the baby Joey prefers a more nurturing environment.

"She's a little bit spoiled. Because she has a house has an air conditioner and a heat lamp. So to her liking she is probably is not enjoying it but physically she can survive it," said Menhusen.

She says Lucy Sparkles poses no threat and is a sucker for a warm cloth pouch and cheese-flavored snacks.

"She loves Cheetos. So Cheetos would be a great way to get her to come to you. And then you just scoop her up like you would a dog," said Menhusen.

Whoever brings Lucy Sparkles back home will earn the appreciation of a heartbroken family and a $1,000 reward.



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