'The Biggest Loser' - Behind the scenes

6:54 PM, Jan 7, 2013   |    comments
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By Heidi Glaus

ST. LOUIS, MO (KSDK) - If you thought motherhood would make Jillian Michaels a more loving, caring trainer, think again.

"No, you're really not going to see that, I had really hoped that (it) would, but unfortunately I have some very challenging contestants this season and it doesn't play out that way," Michaels says.

The contestants might not be excited to see her, but Bob Harper certainly is.

"I mean, I'm ecstatic! Jillian and I are like, we started this whole thing, we started this journey from the very, very beginning and then she abandoned me for a couple of seasons, I was very resentful. Now that she's back, you know, this is Jillian's home just like it's mine, so I could not be happier," Bob Harper says.

It's also now home to Dolvett Quince.

"What surprised me the most when I stepped on the ranch that it wasn't fake, it was actually a real ranch," Quince says.

It's a rather big ranch with plenty of places to hike, but what might surprise you is contestants can't bring their phones or iPods, not even newspapers and magazines.

"There's nothing, there's just work," Quince says.

Lots of work; some of it on their own and, of course, some of those workouts come along with someone shouting. And one more thing, in case you were wondering, the contestants aren't the only ones who are nervous as they walk toward that big intimidating scale.

"I think that when contestants go up on the scale in the beginning you don't really know what's going to happen right. It's just this anticipation, yeah there's nerves, there's excitement, because I want to see if what I did this week is going to really work," Harper says.

You can catch The Biggest Loser Monday nights at seven on NewsChannel Five.







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