Top Super Bowl food delivery deals

3:03 AM, Feb 1, 2013   |    comments
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ST. LOUIS -- I've heard from plenty of you ready to take advantage of some serious delivery deals for the big game. The great news is that if you're ordering for delivery, the three top request I've received from you all have offerings.

If you're just looking to take advantage of the "super" momentum, Omaha Steaks has brought back two incredible offers by customer demand. The two Omaha Steaks deals ship free and while they won't arrive in time for the Super Bowl, they're still a touchdown for your wallet.

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Happy eating! Happy savings!

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Papa John's: 50% off 1 large pizza + pre-order for the Super Bowl


Pizza Hut: Free pizza rollers w/ $10 build-your-own


Free Super Bowl party food label printables


Top Pickup Deal:

Chipotle: Free burrito, tacos, etc. w/ 6+ burrito order on Super Bowl Sunday


The following two deals will not arrive in time for the Super Bowl, but are my two favorite deals ever from Omaha Steaks and back by viewer request.

63% off Tailgate Essentials Combo + free shipping

Was: $111
Now: $39.99

• Two 5 oz. top sirloins
• Eight 4 oz. gourmet bratwurst
• Six 4 oz. Omaha Steaks burgers
• Four 3 oz. gourmet jumbo franks


45% off Start The Party Sampler + free shipping

Was: $74
Now: $39.99

• One 3 lb. pkg. hot & spicy buffalo chicken wings
• 12 filet mignon pastry bites
• 12 gourmet franks in a blanket

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