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Patient tardiness makes Mercy doctor complain on facebook

11:03 PM, Feb 4, 2013   |    comments
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St. Louis, MO (KSDK) - A Mercy OB-GYN went to facebook last week to complain about a patient's tardiness and is now getting called out for it. Some are calling for her to be fired, but some say she's still a good doctor.

This started last Monday when the OB-GYN lashed out at a patient running a few hours behind schedule, but the doctor did it for all the world to see on Facebook.

The comment was posted at 7:19 pm, January 28th. The physician wrote:

"So I have a patient who has chosen to either no-show or be late (sometimes hours) for all of her prenatal visits, ultrasounds and NSTs. She is now 3 hours late for her induction. May I show up later to her delivery?"

A few quick comments followed her posting and then the doctor went on to explain herself and her original posting.

"here is the explanation why I have put up with it/not cancelled induction: prior stillbirth."

Since then Mercy's spokesperson has responded in a statement about the doctor's social media posting, Bethany Pope says:

"Mercy values the dignity and privacy of all our patients and we are very sorry that this incident occurred. While our privacy compliance staff has confirmed that this physician's comments did not represent a breach of privacy laws, they were inappropriate and not in line with our values of respect and dignity. Mercy holds its physicians and other co-workers to high standards in ensuring the protection of patient information. We cannot comment on specific disciplinary actions, but we will use this as an opportunity to reinforce our standards through additional education of our physicians and co-workers, including appropriate use of social media."

A former patient of the doctor's says regardless of what she posted on Facebook, she's still a great doctor.

"She was an excellent doctor with me, I had no problems, no complaints," says Nicole Moores. "She would explain everything to me in detail and if I had any questions she would answer them."

The doctor who wrote the Facebook post was the on-call the night that Moore went into labor and eventually delivered her now two year old son DJ.

"I don't think she should lose her job over it because like I've said she's a really good doctor," says Moore.



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