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Breast implants become popular Valentine's Day gifts

1:13 PM, Feb 8, 2013   |    comments
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By Charles Billi

Tampa, Florida (WTSP) - For Valentine's Day, you could give your lady a card, chocolates, flowers or... breasts.

Nationwide, more and more women want to enhance for romance, and believe it or not, Tampa has become a global hotbed for breast enhancement.

Cosmetic surgeon Jeremy Benedetti knows better than anyone.

"Tampa is the most vain city in the nation. You'd think it would be New York or LA or Miami, but it's Tampa," said Benedetti.

10 News was invited to a "breast event" at Benedetti's St. Pete office where more than 25 women listened to the doctor's presentation.

One couple ready to enhance for romance is Brandy Damico and her husband Chuck.

"My husband said 'this is your Valentine's Day present,' and I said 'great- I'll take it.'" she told 10 News. "It's a great gift."

Shannon Long also attended the "breast event". She said she understands why some would enhance for romance, but that's not why she attended.

"I want to do this for me, not for anyone else. I'm doing it so I can feel better about how I look and feel," said Long.

Shannon Jackson and her husband Brett struggled with the risks associated with surgery, and said changing yourself to find someone is a slippery slope.

"I don't think anyone should do that to find someone. If you're doing it for your partner, and you mutually agree, that's fine," said Jackson.

Benedetti agreed that breast enhancement can dramatically improve a women's self-image, but it needs to be done for the right reasons.


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