Chesterfield outlet malls taking shape

7:22 PM, Feb 14, 2013   |    comments
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CHESTERFIELD, Mo. (KSDK) - Just a few months ago the future sites of two new Chesterfield outlet malls looked untouched, but they've come a long way.

Even though some experts worry two outlet malls won't survive so close to one another, they're both still going full steam ahead.

People driving through the Chesterfield Valley a few months ago, and then again today, would notice big changes at both ends of the Valley.

The fact that both of these developments are under construction is a surprise to many at city hall.

Prestige and Premium are the names of the two outlet mall developments, both calling themselves "high end" outlets.

On the east end of the valley people will find the Prestige Outlet Mall. It's across from the Chesterfield Commons shopping center, and the one you would see on your right hand side driving out of St. Louis.

On the other end, near the Boone Bridge, is the Premium Outlet. From the outside both look to be in about the same phase of construction.

When these two malls first started competing to build in the Chesterfield Valley, city official predicted and even said they preferred that only one would actually be built.

In fact, the two companies behind these projects have competed in several other cities and one usually "flinches" at the last minute, and only one is ever built.

Both believe the St. Louis region, not just Chesterfield, can support two malls.

In their pitches to the city, the companies said they thought the area could support about 400,000 square feet of premium outlet space.

When both malls are completed, the combined size will be closer to 600,000 square feet.

It remains to be seen if both can be successful.

Both are set to open by August of this year.


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