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Willy Pearce offered meals, weddings on Valentine's Day

11:01 AM, Feb 15, 2013   |    comments
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By Kris Betts

AUSTIN, Texas (KVUE/CNN) - A food truck operator in Austin, Texas offered a special deal for couples on Valentine's Day.

They could have a meal and tie the knot.

Flowers, candy, white tablecloths, it's everything you'd expect on Valentine's Day.

"I am a romantic at heart," said food truck owner and ordained minister Willy Pearce.

But this Austin food trailer offers more than a cheesesteak.

Typically, when you hear the word wedding, you think of a big white dress, an altar and most likely, a church. But, if you're looking to try something a little different, why not do something with a taste of Austin, mixed with a taste of Philly and get married at a food truck?

"We've got a hitch on the back, why not get hitched at Way South Philly food truck," said Pearce.

He is also an ordained minister, and on the most romantic day of the year, takes time away from the grill to perform free weddings and vow renewals.

On V-Day, the nuptials are free. But, if you really want the "Way South Philly" experience, you can always order the wedding special.

"We'll have them cut the cheesesteak in half, and then feed it to each other," said Pearce.

Because nothing says romance like frizzled beef, topped with a whole lotta whiz.


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