Protect Your Tech: Top surge protectors for $13

5:54 AM, Apr 10, 2013   |    comments
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ST. LOUIS-- From our recent severe weather to the threat of future spring storms, I've heard from many of you determined to protect your tech.

Today, there's a great opportunity to load up on an overnight deal to protect every valuable outlet in your house.

A simple lightning strike can destroy an entire home entertainment system. I saw one affect my parents years ago and another one months ago end the life of my wife's laptop.

My biggest complaint about surge protectors are the price. Good ones are generally a complete ripoff. My favorite brand (and the most popular in the country) is Monster. Today's deal knocks the Monster Powerprotect 200 down to a price we can all afford.

There are two models for today's deal. One you can find online for about $10 and another more expensive model featuring coax cable protection and two AC power outlets, which is the system I'm referring to. For so many of you looking for a white unassuming power unit to blend in with your wall, today's Monster system is my top pick. You can use this to protect computers, phone systems and, of course, home entertainment systems.

If you have a big complicated TV set-up, this surge protector is not likely for you.

80% off Monster flatscreen Powerprotect surge protector

MSRP: $70
Now: $12.99 (price includes shipping)

**At the time this article was written, Amazon was selling this for $26 and showing an MSRP of $70.31, although this item has obviously never sold for its full suggested retail price.

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