Hormone pellets give women their passion for life back

7:11 AM, Aug 11, 2010   |    comments
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Dr. Kathy Maupin introduces patients to bioidentical hormone pellets.
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  • By Heidi Glaus

    Creve Coeur, Mo (KSDK) -- It's one of those things, women don't really like to talk about. Sure we'll joke about hot flashes or not having enough energy, but when it comes to libido, or dare I say lack there of, well we become a little more hush hush.

    Thankfully Dr. Kathy Maupin has already been there and done that.

    "So I had my ovaries out when I was 47 and no one could help me in St. Louis," Dr. Maupin explains.

    That's when she was introduced to bioidentical hormone pellets.  Little pellets that are inserted under the skin into the fat of the hip.

    "I was going to quit work because I was so tired and so miserable and I had gained 20 pounds I couldn't fit into any of my clothes," adds Dr. Maupin.

    Considering the change these pellets made in her life she decided to stop delivering babies and make these magical pellets available to St. Louis area women like Pam Hunter.

    "I'd come home from work and I wouldn't care if I did anything.  I started thinking old, I started feeling old and I was just giving up," explains Pam Hunter.

    Not only does she feel younger she's acting younger and even bought a Harley.

    "By the second insertion I was happy, happy, happy.  Libido was there, energy was there, skin tone was there, I was able to lose a little weight while not changing anything I was doing," Hunter explains.

    "I was feeling young again, I was feeling more like myself, it was unbelievable," she goes on to say.

    And that brings Dr. Maupin as much joy as delivering babies once did.

    Seeing a baby delivered every single time was an awesome miracle, but when women who have been limping along, when I see them come back in and they say I'm back, I'm back, I'm like you are," Dr. Maupin says.

    Dr. Maupin spends time with her patients customizing the proper amount of hormones needed.  Most women have the pellets inserted twice a year and the cost is around $300 or $400.

    To learn more about Dr. Maupin, BioBalance Health or bioidentical hormone pellets click on the link to the right. 

    There is controversy surrounding hormone replace therapy, so be sure to check with your physician.



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