Kuna, Indiana sewer workers find diamond ring

7:29 PM, Apr 9, 2012   |    comments
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By Jennifer McGraw

Kuna, ID (KBOI/CNN) - Two Idaho sewer workers doing routine maintenance found something they never imagined: a diamond ring!

Carey Knight and his co-worker, Travis Fleming, were in for a real big surprise when they found the sparkly gem.

"Usually you find fake limestones in there. I picked it up and it was on a ring and I thought it was fake at first. Fake ring, costume jewelry," said Knight.

Turns out, the rings real and worth a whole lot of money and sentimental value.

"My first reaction was, because they showed it to me was, I go 'Wow! Some poor lady has lost a beautiful ring,'" said Scott Dowdy, Mayor of Kuna.

Knight and Fleming gave the ring to Mayor Dowdy in hopes he can find the rightful owner.

"How nice. We actually have honest and caring employees that would actually pick it up and bring it back to an owner," said Mayor Dowdy.

The workers say the chances of finding such a gem are slim to none.

"That's where we put the clean out basket in and trap a lot of debris that falls down the manholes. Rocks, hot wheels, anything and everybody stuff that kids could flush. Hopefully they get it back," said Fleming.


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