President Obama pardons Tyler Sullivan who skipped school

7:54 AM, Jun 4, 2012   |    comments
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By David Jackson, USA TODAY

Turns out President Obama signed a pardon recently -- for a 11-year-old Minnesota boy who cut class to see him in the flesh.

Tyler Sullivan told ABC News he skipped school for the first time in order to meet the president during his visit Friday to a Honeywell plant in Golden Valley, Minn. -- and he accomplished his goal.

"First I said, 'Hi, Mr. President,'" Sullivan reported. "Then he says, 'Hi Tyler, you must be out of school then.'"

Yep. So Obama got a pen and a piece of paper with the presidential seal.

"He says, 'Do you want me to write an excuse note? What's your teacher's name?" Sullivan told ABC. "And I say, Mr. Ackerman. And he writes, 'Please excuse Tyler. He was with me. Barack Obama, the president.'"

Also reports ABC:

Sullivan has framed the note.

"Pretty cool -- and it's like oh, I'm famous. It's really cool," said Sullivan.

On Monday morning, Sullivan will ask Mr. Ackerman to forgive him for missing class. And maybe gloat a little to his friends, who will probably ask the same question, over and over: "You seriously got to meet the president? You serious?"


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