Roselle Park, New Jersey traffic camera catches dramatic crash

7:48 PM, Jul 13, 2012   |    comments
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By Poppy Harlow

Roselle Park, NJ (CNN) - You've likely done it: pulled up to a yellow light and just known you've got time to make it, only to miscalculate a tad.

Well now some dramatic new video has been released to get drivers to rethink what they do at an intersection.

A frightening reminder that traffic lights exist for a reason.

Check out the newly released video above from a traffic camera in Roselle Park, New Jersey.

As you can see, a car runs a red light, collides with another vehicle, then careens into the oncoming lane.

Amazingly, no one was reported seriously injured in the June 29th crash.

The clip was put out as part of a campaign to crack down on red light violations.

Authorities say red light running has decreased by nearly half since cameras were installed at the intersection where these images were filmed.


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