Obama unapologetic on Romney attacks

7:29 AM, Jul 16, 2012   |    comments
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President Barack Obama.

NBC - If Mitt Romney is waiting for an apology - it might be a while.

From President Obama, no apologies for the sharp new attacks on republican Mitt Romney and his leadership time at Bain Capital.

An Obama campaign spokeswoman took the fight to a whole new level when she claimed Romney's either lying to the American people about when he left Bain, or committed a felony in filing false documents with government regulators.

"He's now claiming I wasn't there at the time except he files an SEC listing that says he was the CEO, Chairman and President of the company," said President Barack Obama.

In a new ad, team Romney is blasting the President for going negative.

"This is not the candidate of hope and change. This is a candidate who is hoping to change the subject," said Rep. Paul Ryan, (R) Wisconsin.

Romney's campaign wants to shift the fight back to the economy.

"The President is the outsourcer-in-chief with our taxpayers' dollars," said Romney Senior Advisor, Ed Gillespie on NBC's Meet The Press last Sunday.

But for now, Mitt Romney remains on defense, forced to explain the business background that's the heart of his resume.


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