Alligator attack victim Kaleb Langdale adjusts to life with one arm

11:23 AM, Jul 16, 2012   |    comments
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Kaleb Langdale

WBBH - Kaleb "Fred" Langdale, the 17-year-old who lost his arm in an alligator attack in Moore Haven, Florida last week, is out of the hospital and recovering at home.

"Feels pretty good to finally get out of this room," Fred said as he left.

When Fred arrived in his hometown he was greeted by dozens of friends and family.

Supporters also came to see the teen whose story of survival is known across the country.

"We were really excited when we come through town, we weren't expecting all the people so he was quite pleased," said Felinda Langdale, Fred's mother.

Fred says he's looking forward to getting a prosthetic and doing those things he used to do like playing X-Box and going out on his airboat.

"Just glad I got my arm so I can still walk, run, still hog hunt," Fred said.


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