Obama coins 'Romney Hood' for Mitt Romney

9:48 AM, Aug 7, 2012   |    comments
By AFP/Getty Images
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By David Jackson, USA TODAY

President Obama says that -- unlike the old English hero who stole from the rich and gave to the poor -- Mitt Romney wants to do the opposite.

"It's like Robin Hood in reverse," Obama told supporters last night in Connecticut.

"It's Romney Hood."

The nickname ties into Obama's argument that Romney's proposed tax cuts would benefit the wealthy while leading to program cuts and tax hikes for the middle class.

"He'd ask the middle class to pay more in taxes so that he could give another $250,000 tax cut to people making more than $3 million a year," Obama told Democratic donors in Stamford, Conn.

Romney aides said Obama is the only candidate proposing tax hikes (by ending the George W. Bush tax cuts for the nation's wealthiest Americans).

"While he's used taxpayer dollars to grow government and reward his donors, middle-class Americans have seen fewer jobs, lower incomes, and less hope for the future," said Romney spokesman Ryan Williams.

Romney at least has the satisfaction of knowing he is not the first Republican to receive the Robin Hood label.

Democrats once said the same thing about Ronald Reagan, calling him "Reagan Hood."



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