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Viktoria Williams arrested for abandoning newborn in woods

3:41 PM, Sep 24, 2012   |    comments
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By Anne McNamara

York County, VA (WAVY/CNN) - An 18-year-old mother in Virginia is under arrest and accused of abandoning her newborn baby in the woods.

Good people like Joanna Burroughs live in the well-kept Dandy neighborhood.

Burroughs' property borders the walking trail where a young couple found a newborn baby girl wrapped in a towel, left to fend for herself.

"Really I was just sad and full of sympathy," said Amanda Moulton, who found the baby.

It was upsetting to learn the baby was born to the family who lives next door. Deputies say 18-year-old Viktoria Williams is the child's mother. Burroughs knows Williams well.

"Nice kid. Really perky. She was a cheerleader and just your ideal picture of a cheerleader. Smart kid, pleasant to be around, respectful. You couldn't ask for more," said Burroughs.

Williams' home is only about 100 yards from the spot where the baby was found between two logs. Moulton said she knew the mother couldn't be far away.

"I figured it was probably someone within the neighborhood because unless you're from here you don't even know this is really here," said Moulton.

The question: What would make someone leave the little girl?

Burroughs says she had never noticed Williams was pregnant, and she says she is pretty sure that had Williams' parents known, they would have mentioned it.

"When something like this happens you think 'what kind of parents?' Well we know what kind of parents, they're fantastic people both of them," said Burroughs.

Moulton's stance is no one is in the position to judge. WAVY-TV asked her what she felt when she was Williams' picture.

"Just being able to put a face with the situation, if anything it made it all the more poignant and real," she said.

Doctors say the little girl is expected to be alright.


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