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Cross-dressing men rob Georgia pawn shop

2:37 PM, Oct 1, 2012   |    comments
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WXIA - A surveillance video shows two women walking into the Cobb Pawn shop in Marietta, Georgia, only they weren't women, they were men dressed as women.

"Both of them had sunglasses and were carrying large purses," said Marietta Police Officer David Baldwin.

One of the suspects pulled a gun out of a yellow purse.

"They chased the employee into the back, where they eventually tied him up with duct tape and then robbed him of a bunch of money and jewelry," Baldwin explains.

According to a police incident report, the suspects got into two safes and took approximately $7,000.

They also took $25,000 in jewelry.

One of the suspects was wearing a black jacket, a woman's flower patterned top, white pants and was carrying a yellow purse.

The other suspect wore a red sweatshirt with three stripes down the arms, an Atlanta Braves cap, purple pants and he was carrying a red purse.

The store owner said the suspect carrying the yellow purse took a liking to a ring in the display cabinet.

He said he told the suspect he would have to pay for the ring and come back tomorrow to pick it up.

When he reached in his purse he pulled out the gun.

Police released a video of the robbery and photos of a car the suspects used.

Officer Baldwin said they jumped in a newer model Suzuki Grand Vitara and drove away.

"We don't know if they're tied to anything else, but obviously if they're this brazen to do one robbery, it's very possible that they have either done other robberies or will do other robberies," Baldwin said.

The pawn shop owner asked not to be identified.

The front door to his store was locked and he was buzzing customers in.

He was also carrying a handgun on his belt for protection.


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